New shooting toys

Let’s have a look at my quiver.

The DSLR is my Canon 500D, with 3 lenses.

In the middle we’ve got a Holga 120 GCFN (with glass lens and built-in color flash). It takes 120mm film, has two apertures (f/8 and f/11) and two shutter speeds (1/100s and bulb). I called her miniAlex from her ex-mistress. So yes, she’s a she. It can either shoot images in square or rectangular formats, and displays the vignetting and chromatic aberrations for lomography. It can be used for multi-exposure but you can’t rewind the film.

The blue one is a Sprocket Rocket, with a plastic lens. On top is mounted a Colorsplash flash. This camera uses 35mm film. It has also two apertures (f/10.8 and f/16) and two shutter speeds (1/100s and bulb). Its cool features are a 106° wide angle that shoots panoramic images with (or without) the sprocket holes on the edge. It is very convenient for multi-exposure since you can wind and rewind the film.

Self-portrait with the Holga (square format).

Panoramic portrait with the Sprocket.


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