About PhotoStalk


This is David Ruiz Alfandari a.k.a dRuizal. Welcome to my Photostalk; this is a blog dedicated to photography (no kidding).

The oldest posts have been shot with my good old Canon Powershot Pro1 (5 years old, retired now) while the newest with a Canon 500D (+ 18-55 / 55-250 & 50 mm lenses). Or the beauty and the beast.

before & after

Can’t see a difference? Think about getting glasses.


4 Responses to “About PhotoStalk”

  1. daniella Says:

    I love your blog, it is quite a web site !!!! this is very professionnal, new camera picture is the one you needed ….. Love from London.

  2. Oliv Says:

    Tu vois cus kan tu prend des notes c pa mal!mai encore loin d etre du level, tu pa ma cervel ni ma puissance intelectuel. J sui le mac maxi vrac qui crack le peslai de andrai, et ouai vazy andru j te pren pa les couille et te fou a la rue,heinmhein,ouai,ouai,hein,2,23,232,35,26257,7,37,356,8356,837…..

    Frere tu dechire.

    ps: Mais quel loser ce year alors!

  3. Alex Says:

    Hey David, man….your photos of Taghazout and Madraba are Insane!!!
    This is probably the way i see madraba on a normal day!
    just dreamy.
    Did you take them with a Holga or some other camera?
    Sorry I am Alex.
    I used to live there, check my blog when you get a chance.

    • dRuizAl Says:

      Yo Alex,
      Thanks for the cheering. I shot these with a Sprocket Rocket camera and a redscale film. I was there for a week only, but the ocean wasn’t pumping so much. Hopefully there was tasty local chocolate to wait for the swell…
      Where are you living now? I’m having a look at your blog right now, cheers man!

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