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Everybody loves Bob Marley man

December 28, 2009

Just bought a new lens! The 50mm – f1.8. So cheap and it rocks. Here’s the very first shot with it.

Everybody loves Bob Marley

Everywhere I go it’s the same old story

People from all nations

They love the Rastaman vibration

This is the title of a song from Macka B. I was hesitating with another title (also from a song) like ‘girl you’ll be a woman soon’. Connoisseurs will check this one.

Keep posted.


Make a move

December 27, 2009

Static & dynamic!

Straight to Heaven

December 25, 2009

What does this pic remind you? I’d say the tunnel from death to life. Creepy and tripping.

Or maybe just what you’ve been through between yesterday and this morning.

Good recovery & merry xmas!

Happy Hanukah happy people

December 13, 2009


A flame can light millions of flames without losing its strength… so as our souls.

Thai party

December 8, 2009

Got lucky on my last trip to Thailand. Once a year, on the 12th full moon, all Thais gather in Chiang Mai for the ‘Loi Krathong’ festival. All  night long, they light fireworks and thousands of paper laterns that arise in the sky, and put in the Mae Ping river little baskets of bamboo leaves (the krathong) with candles and incense.

Right place, right time.

Bondi skaterboy

December 1, 2009

Not  much taller than his board, but this little dude could be the next Tony Hawk… who knows?


in Bondi

December 1, 2009